Parent Resources

welcome letter & supply list K 201819.pdf
photo video permission form 201819.pdf

Technology Use Policy 201819(1).pdf
1st grade supply list 201819.pdf

201819 traffic pattern map.pdf
Final 6th supply list 2018 19.doc-1.pdf
RX Authorization form 201819.pdf
Before and After Guidelines 201819.pdf
Director's letter 201819(1).pdf

Final 7th supply list 2018 19.doc.pdf
2nd supply list 201819.pdf

SpicerSandersSupplyList2018-3rd grade.pdf
Final 8th supply list 2018 19.doc-1.pdf
7th grade booster shot 201819.pdf
Grade 4 supply list 2018198.pdf
Copy of Grade 5 Supply List .pdf
sherwood_ 4th grade welcome letter and supply 201819.pdf