Crosscreek Charter School Sports Policy


(approved by the CCS Board of Directors, May 24, 2022)

All student-athletes and their parents are required to read, sign and return the student-athlete contract in order to be eligible to play for Crosscreek Charter School.

All athletes must have a sports physical submitted to the sport’s coach in order to participate in tryouts.

Goals, Objectives and Guidelines:


● Student comes before Athlete in the expression “Student-Athlete.”

● Practice and playing time can and will be limited if a student-athlete is performing poorly in any school subject.

● Failing ANY subject is not acceptable. If a student-athlete has a Failing Grade (1 or 2) on their Student Quarterly Assessment for any class at the end of a term, they will not be permitted to remain on the team. Parents and students will be notified at the midway point of each term if there are any academic concerns.

Promote Good Sportsmanship and a Positive Attitude

● Student-athletes are representing Crosscreek Charter School, their families, and themselves. While competing, each student-athlete shall carry him/herself with a positive attitude.

● A student-athlete shall NEVER speak to a referee unless asked to do so by the official or coach.

● At no time should a student-athlete use profanity or taunt members of the other team.

● If a student-athlete is cited for poor sportsmanship or misconduct, he/she will be subject to discipline from the coach at the following practice, up to and including removal from the team.

Work to Develop the Total Athlete

● Student-athletes are expected to maintain a positive attitude.

● Take every practice seriously and eliminate wasted time.

● Provide student-athletes with growth in personal skill level.

● Provide student-athletes with growth in working with a team.

● Prepare student-athletes for play at the high school level.


● Parents are required to stay away from the team’s bench, locker room, student-athletes, and coaches during gameplay.

**Unless there is an injury to your child**

● If a parent has any questions or concerns, please schedule a time to meet with a coach that does not interfere with game or practice time. The parent may express questions or concerns after a 24 hour period.

● Coaches will return emails and phone calls as soon as possible.


● Expect daily practice.

● All student-athletes are expected to wear appropriate clothing to each game and practice.

Excused/Unexcused absences

  • Missing a practice may result in limited or no playing time.

  • If a first offense occurs, the student-athlete will owe an apology to the team and an entire practice of supervised discipline (i.e. running).

  • If a second unexcused absence occurs, the student-athlete will sit during a game or be removed from the team.

  • Detentions and suspensions are unexcused absences.

Role Responsibility

● Student-athletes will put the team before themselves.

● Playing time is determined by the coach according to team needs, attitude and effort at practice/gameplay.

Behavior in School/School Activities

  • All student-athletes are expected to be positive members of the school community (i.e., classrooms, hallways, etc.)

  • Disruption of the classroom environment will not be tolerated.

  • Any student-athlete sent out of class or who receives a discipline referral will apologize verbally &/or in writing to the teacher and participate in supervised discipline for an entire practice.

  • Any student-athlete sent out of class on multiple occasions or who receives more than one discipline referral will meet with the coaches and administration for possible dismissal from the team.

  • We maintain a zero tolerance policy on fighting, bullying, and demonstrating disrespect toward a teacher/staff member.

    • Upon review, these actions may lead to immediate dismissal from the team.


● Student-athletes and/or parents will not argue with a coach.

● Disrespect will not be tolerated.

● The coaches have the final word on all roster decisions.

Athletes may NOT attend or participate in any practice or game unless your parent attends the Crosscreek Charter School Sports Code of Conduct and Student-Athlete Contract meeting in which the Crosscreek Charter School Sports Code of Conduct and Student-Athlete Contract is signed and hand delivered to your Head Coach.