CCS Vision 2026

Priority Initiatives for 2021-2026

Approved by the CCS Board of Directors July 20, 2021

  1. Continued Adherence to the Philosophy of the School

  • Provide the staff development needed for the full implementation in the classroom of the philosophy, mission, and project-based approach of Crosscreek Charter School (CCS)

  • Assure that the matrix which brings coherence across grade levels to the curriculum is fully implemented through integrated, project-based themes

  • Increase meaningful parent involvement and maintain records of the growth in active volunteering

  • Carry out a recruitment program to attract families who are drawn to the school’s philosophy and to increase diversity

  • Promote community relationships through events, service projects, and outreach programs designed to provide experiential learning opportunities for our students.

  • Secure academic and behavior support programs for the long term

  • Create and implement a marketing plan with clear roles for Board, teachers and staff, as well as parents in order to clarify and enhance public understanding of “The Crosscreek Way”

  • Continue to strengthen parent communications through the website, weekly letters, and other effective means

  1. Continued Financial Fidelity

Streamline the school’s operations to maximize the efficient and

effective use of resources

  1. Future Expansion (land and building)

Complete the new campus project by building a high school for grades 9-12

  1. Develop a comprehensive and continuous plan for consistent transition of leadership for both the Board of Directors and the School Administration.

  1. Transportation

Research transportation feasibility moving forward