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Hello to all of our CCS Families! I would like to thank all of you for your generous book donations to the Discovery Center through the Amazon Smile Book Wish List ! What a great first week it has been coming back to find all of these new books waiting for the students! They will be so excited to see them on the shelves when they come to visit the Discovery Center! We are so fortunate here at CCS to have the cooperation and thoughtfulness of families like yours!

Each week we will be posting information and pictures of new arrivals to our Discovery Center, so make sure to check each week online and in the schools Birds -Eye -View (B.E.V.) . Once again THANK YOU for all that you do!

Ms. Sherry


Hello CCS students and families, welcome to the month of March! The third month in our calendar year, having 31 days some of these holding more significance than others.

This month we will celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday on Tuesday March 2nd. He is also our Author Spotlight for March in the Discovery Center. There are some exciting things going on in the month of March!

  • MARCH 2nd------Dr. Seuss’ Birthday
  • MARCH 3thd------ Johnny Appleseed Day
  • MARCH 12th------Girl Scout Day
  • MARCH 17th------St. Patrick’s Day
  • MARCH 20th------SPRING BEGINS!

All month long in March is Women’s History Month and National Irish-American Heritage Month( since 1995).

Did you ever wonder how the months of the year got their names? Well some of them came from Roman and Greek mythology. The month of March is named after the Roman God Mars, who was the God of War. I will post some links below for you to check out about the special days in March. There will also be some fun learning activities that you can do at home . See you soon!

Ms. Sherry

  • How the month got its name:

  • Sing -Along songs for March:

  • Dr. Seuss:

  • Dr. Seuss (cont.)

  • Johnny Appleseed:

  • St. Patrick’s Day: (History of explained)

Story read aloud for St. Patrick’s Day:

How to make a Leprechaun Trap:

How to draw a Leprechaun:

Women’s History Month:


Spring gardening activities:

Spring planting science experiment (try this at home and see what happens)